Abyss Raid - Argos

Abyss Raid - Argos

Heroes, Arkesia needs your help.

The recent events in Punika have caused an ancient threat to arise - the traitorous Guardian Argos. Five-hundred years have passed, but the people of Punika still recount the tales of the Chain War and the Guardian Albion’s colossal clash with Argos.

Legends tell that after Albion aided Luterra, Nineveh, and Kadan in their journey to the Chain War battlegrounds, he received a new order from Vairgrys, the first Guardian. During the war Argos rebelled, turning his back on the other Guardians— renouncing them and choosing to follow Varkan, the Guardian of Chaos. His betrayal incurred the wrath of Vairgrys, and in an act of retribution he entrusted Albion with tracking down and vanquishing the traitor. Meanwhile, under orders from Varkan, Argos traveled to Punika to spread the power of life and consume the continent.

Monstrous plants sprouted as the power of life seeped from Argos into the island, threatening to engulf all of Punika. Learning of the dire situation, Albion raced to Punika and the earth-shattering showdown began- each Guardian attempting to complete their mission. Their legendary battle raged across the island, neither able to secure an upper-hand over the other. The island trembled with every blow exchanged. Throughout the clash, the cataclysmic powers of the two Guardians was unleashed upon Punika, wreaking havoc across the continent. As the destruction continued and Argos’ power continued to infect the island, Mount Oreha began rumbling, awakening from its dormancy.

Albion knew that if their battle continued, the volcanic eruption would demolish the island and extinguish all life on Punika. Frantic to stop Argos and save the continent, Albion summoned every ounce of his power for a final all-out attack. Argos took the full brunt of Albion’s power, critically wounded by the direct hit. However, equal in battle until the end, tales tell that the Guardians struck each other at the same instant. Albion’s final attack left him vulnerable, and Argos attacked as Albion unleashed his power— piercing Albion with the power granted to him by Varkan— infecting Albion with Chaos. In the fallout from their final collision, recognizing the severity of his wound, Argos fled. He retreated deep within the Tikatika Colony to recover and bide his time.

Despite his victory in saving Punika, Albion’s powers were diminished by the Chaos festering in the wound from Argos’s final blow. Weakened and unable to leave the island, Albion fell into a deep asleep to recover. As Albion slumbered over the years, to show their gratitude for his valorous deeds and sacrifice, generations of Punika Chiefs sealed the power in his wound with traditional songs to prevent the chaos from spreading.

With the demonic activity on Punika, Albion recently woke from his 500 year slumber. Argos, still hiding deep in Tikatika Colony, felt Albion’s awakening. Sensing Albion’s weakness, it appears that Argos believes the time has arrived to complete the mission he received from Varkan.

Argos will arise in the March Update— threatening once again to consume Punika. With Albion still infected with Chaos, heroes are needed to help combat this colossal threat. Similar to the Guardian Raids that players have encountered in their adventures across Arkesia, participants will need to work together to defeat Argos before the time expires, with a limited number of revives available to the party. As an unrelenting foe, eight players are required to face Argos.

Players will need to progress through three distinct phases as they work together to vanquish this powerful Guardian. In the three phases, Argos will grow more powerful with different mechanics and attack patterns. Each phase has its own table of rewards (collectable once a week), and a different item level requirement for players to participate.

  • Phase 1 - Item Level 1370
  • Phase 2 - Item Level 1385
  • Phase 3 - Item Level 1400

Additionally, to face Argos, you must first complete the guide quest “Abyss Raid Unlocked!”. Heroes meeting the requirements and willing to face the traitorous Argos are able to enter the encounter through the Abyss Raid Statue in major cities, where they can look for battle companions through match-making or finding a specific group. Players can also find a group and enter the encounter using the “Find Party” button located below the mini-map.

We will share more on the March Update later this week, and are eagerly awaiting to hear the tales of your battles against Argos.