Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide

Rethramis Adventure Tome Guide

Lets take a look at how to complete the Rethramis Adventure Tome and what rewards you can get for doing so.


Completion Reward
10% Pheonix Plume
20% HP Potion x30
30% Surprise Chest
40% Prideholme Neria
50% Charisma Potion
60% Stat Increase Potion
70% Emote: Bored
80% Gustaven's Holy Water
90% Structure: Rethramis Lion Statue
100% Ignea Token: Rethramis


You can either use our Interactive Rethramis Map, or follow the instructions below.



Toxiclaw Cavern

Ankumo Mountain

Aquilok's Head

Rethramis Border

Aquilok's Tail